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The Southern Mountains

East Tennessee has long been known for the Beautiful Smokey Mountains and over the past decade, the Mountains of Western North Carolina have become a popular destination.  But, many people are not aware that there are actually Mountains in North Georgia or South Carolina.  We have a very pleasant surprise for you! Spectacular Natural Beauty and a Vacation Wonderland is conveniently hidden in what we call the Southern Mountains.

The Southern Mountains include areas of the Appalachians, The Blue Ridge and the Smokey Mountains, and are conveniently located where the four states (GA, NC, SC, TN) intersect.  You have probably seen these areas in movies such as Last of the Mohicans, Deliverance and Cold Mountain; not even realizing their convenience for a weekend get away or a well planned annual vacation.

This site allows you to navigate your way through the amazing things that our mountain's have to offer.  Use your mouse to click your way through your next Great Vacation in the Southern Mountains!